Rescued elephant named after David Shepherd…

  • November 9, 2017

The latest elephant rescue has been under the care of the DSWF funded Elephant Orphanage Project (EOP) for one month now and he has come along way.

During this time, he has been fondly named ‘41’, as he is the 41st orphan that EOP has assisted. He has improved daily both physically and emotionally. He had a nasty eye infection that affected his vision, wounds that needed frequent treatment, as well as a hernia. All of which have improved massively as well as his general body condition and strength, no longer needing 8 people to help him to his feet. Emotionally, he has also improved becoming visibly more relaxed and even bonding with the keepers. He often approaches them for reassurance in times of uncertainty, for example meeting his new surrogate siblings. Instead of feeding on the branches either side of the fence, he dragged one branch next to Head Keeper ‘Gift’ and fed next to him instead! Seeing the keepers as his ‘support’ is essential for him to get over the trauma of losing his mother.

EOP will not name an orphan until their survival is certain, and with 41’s health condition steadily increasing, EOP have decided that now is time to name him.

With the recent passing of David Shepherd, founder of DSWF, ’41’ will be named in his honour. 41’s determination to survive echoes David Shepherd’s determination to conserve Zambia’s wildlife, therefore the name will be a lasting symbol of David’s legacy to protect orphaned African elephants. The EOP team has announced that ’41’ has now being named ‘Mulisani’, which means ‘shepherd’ in the Zambian language of Lozi.

Mulisani, in memory of The Man Who Loves Giants.

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