Fundraising for TigerTime – The Yorkshire Warrior

  • April 29, 2013

TigerTime supporter Jason Millward took part in the Yorkshire Warrior on the 20th April. The course is one of the longest, toughest and extreme obstacle course with 10 miles of running, climbing, crawling, ice baths, hay mountains and upstream runs.

“I was in the last group to set off so had plenty of time to see all the other groups set off and get an idea of what I was in for.  A count down from 10 to build the tensions and then we were off. I was right at the back to start but managed to pass a lot of people before the first obstacle – the spiders web. After this it was a run downhill to our first of many encounters with deep icy cold water and a 200m run upstream in the river. After this it was a combination of steep, slippery muddy climbs, chest deep wades through bogs and over a 15ft climbing wall and hay bales. The worst part was a 400m disused railway tunnel that was pitch black and had 3ft deep puddles to wade through, which we had to do twice. After a very tiring and muddy 10miles we reached the final obstacle a steep slope that was covered in oil made out of some scaffolding which you had to use a rope to get up. I managed to get up it first time and then sprinted to the finish in a pretty good time of 1hr 30min in total for 13th overall.

I hope that doing this helped to raise some money for TigerTime and also raise awareness of what the campaign is doing. I wore my Tiger Time t-shirt with pride and got a few cheers of “come on tiger” on the way round. It was certainly an experience – I don’t think i’ve ever been so muddy in my life but all for a good cause!”

Thank you so much to Jason for taking on such an incredible challenge to raise funds for TigerTime! Please sponsor Jason’s efforts here – every pound helps TigerTime save the tiger in the wild.

Why not hold your own fundraising event for TigerTime? Download our fundraising pack here.