Comics get crowds roaring for tigers

  • February 3, 2015


The TigerTime comedy night at GLive in Guildford on February 2 was a roaring success! With an amazing line-up of acts hosted by Simon Evans, the crowd laughed their way through a cold winter evening and helped raise vital funds for wild tigers.

TigerTime would like to thank the acts, Simon Evans, Angela Barnes, Craig Murray, Matt Richardson and Jarred Christmas as well as comedy promoter, Trudi Stevens who all donated their time and talent to support tigers. Also huge thanks to the volunteers and everyone who bought tickets and supported the event.

“The conservation of endangered animals is rarely a laughing matter but on this occasion it was simply brilliant and we’re humbled by the generosity of the acts involved,” said DSWF CEO, Sally Case.

“Raising awareness of the plight of the world’s remaining 3,000 wild tigers has never been more urgent,” adds TigerTime campaign manager, Vicky Flynn. “With soaring demand from China, the fate of the tiger has reached a crossroads. Events like this help us raise the profile and spread the word to new audiences.”

You can find out more about DSWF and TigerTime events – all supporting conservation by clicking here