$238m for environmental projects – including Amur tigers

  • November 12, 2013

The Global Environment Facility’s governing Council has approved $238 million for global environmental projects, including a ground-breaking project to protect Russia’s big cats – including the Amur tiger.

This grant will cover a project which aims to conserve unique landscapes and ecosystems in the Russian Far East, Altai-Sayan and North Caucasus regions which are critical to the survival of the last 450 Amur tigers, the snow leopard, the Far Eastern leopard and the Persian leopard. TigerTime are happy to see that some serious money is being given to projects to help save this wonderful big cat.

TigerTime works with the Phoenix Fund to protect the last 450 Amur tigers in the Russian Far East. We do this through anti-poaching operations with vital equipment such as snowmobiles, radios, jeeps, fuel and rations and paying informants. Funding also supports a strong and growing educational awareness programme, community work, environmental workshops and training programmes which help engage the community in this critical conservation issue.

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