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One pangolin is taken from the wild every five minutes to satisfy the huge demand from the African and Asian traditional medicine markets. Pangolin.Africa is committed to the survival of all four species of African pangolin and, with your help, they can do so much more to ensure that pangolins do not disappear in our lifetime.

With your help, Pangolin.Africa can do so much more.

£10 would help cover the daily cost of rehabilitating rescued pangolins in our registered facility.
£20 could help us reach at least 1,000 new people globally through our social media campaigns to tell them about pangolins.
£160 could supply a camera trap to a researcher to better understand pangolin behaviour.
£275 could help us show Eye of the Pangolin film to 100 kids at schools in high poaching areas in Africa, where poaching may be a livelihood for communities or a traditional cultural practice.
£430 could purchase a transmitter to help monitor pangolin’s movements and wellbeing, especially following their release back into the wild.

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