A way to be remembered

A significant amount of our work is paid for by the gifts people leave to us in their Wills.

Since 1984 the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation has fought tirelessly to ensure the future of some of the world’s most threatened wildlife throughout Africa and Asia. With your support we can make sure these iconic animals are here for future generations to come.

“My paintings have helped me repay the enormous debt of gratitude I owe to wildlife – I like to call them my living legacy because, unlike me, my paintings will live on. By leaving a gift in your will, you can help us fight to save species struggling against extinction.”
David Shepherd CBE, Founder and President of DSWF

Leaving the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation a legacy enables your commitment and passion for wildlife and conservation to live on.

As a charity we rely on public donations from people who care, just like you, to continue our vital work to continue to save critically endangered animals.

The Importance of making a Will

By making a Will you can ensure that your wishes, and the people and causes you care most about, are provided for after you have gone.

Making provision for the people and causes special to you is a powerful tool to shape the future. If you decide to remember the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation in your Will, it will be your compassion and respect for wildlife and conservation that lives on: helping to continue the rehabilitation and care of orphaned wildlife, supporting anti-poaching programmes and education projects for local communities, helping us to continue our work to save endangered animals.

How to make your Will

Leaving a lasting gift to wildlife through the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation is easy. Your legal adviser simply needs our full name, address and registered charity number:

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation
Saba House
7 Kings Road

Registered charity number: 1106893

We are so grateful for any gift you may wish to leave to DSWF, no matter how small.

“We share this fragile world with all creatures. Don’t leave their survival to chance. Making a Will is one of the ways we ensure the world is a better place for those we care about. Please leave a lasting legacy to future generations.”
Dame Judi Dench