In his footsteps: Mulisani Appeal

In his footsteps: Mulisani Appeal

Will you join us in following David’s footsteps and donate to help save his beloved jumbos?

David’s ‘gentle giants’ now need your help more than ever, with one elephant being brutally slaughtered every 15 minutes for its’ ivory, leaving desperate orphans behind who are the innocent victims of wildlife crime.

In October 2017, the 41st orphan was rescued by Game Rangers International, desperately ill and terrified. After a month of expert care at the Elephant Orphanage Project (EOP) this baby male is now thriving. In honour of the founding member of EOP, David Shepherd, this baby has since been named ‘Mulisani’, meaning ‘Shepherd’ in Zambian language of Lozi.

Mulisani needs your help more than ever as he enters a challenging 10 year process of rehabilitation and release back into the wild. This is where elephants belong and this is what David fought for.

Please join us and follow in David’s footsteps by donating to help Mulisani and his fellow orphaned elephants as they grow into the ‘gentle giants’ David knew and loved.

Thank you!


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