Help Paint My Future

Help Paint My Future

In the last century 99% of the Painted Dog population has vanished from Africa. Please help us protect this vanishing species:

  • Also known as African Wild Dogs or Cape Hunting Dogs their numbers have been devastated by intolerance and the indiscriminate use of traps and snares for bush meat
  • Historically, packs used to be formed of around 100 dogs, today they average around 10
  • Painted Dogs have one of the strongest social and family structures in the animal kingdom
  • When a dog becomes ill, injured or elderly, the rest of the pack cares for and feeds them
  • Lions and hyenas are their natural enemies; however it is humans that now pose the greatest threat
  • Today there are fewer Painted Dogs than Rhinos, with less than 7,000 left in the wild

With your generous help we have:

  • Helped increase Zimbabwe’s Painted Dog population to around 750 from 450 in the late 1980’s
  • Helped save 2,000 animals by collecting over 20,000 snares since 2001
  • Helped fund three highly trained and well equipped anti-poaching units
  • Supported daily anti-poaching patrols
  • Educated over 600 children per year through hosting residential bush camps, to help local children understand the role Painted Dogs play within their environment

Yet the battle continues.
Will you help paint the future for these intriguing dogs?

We need £30,000 to continue this vital work. Please help us fund the survival of this endangered species through the provision of park protection and rehabilitation, and educating local communities about the importance of the Painted Dog.

We need your help to continue to save these dogs from the brink of extinction

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Images courtesy Will Burrard-Lucas / PDC

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