End Tiger Extinction

End Tiger Extinction

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Today, more tigers are kept in captivity than in the wild. In the last 100 years, 96% of wild tigers have been wiped out. The plight of the wild tiger is now critical, and without our help, this iconic big cat is on the fast track to extinction.

Thank you for supporting our vital work – your donation will help to prevent tiger extinction.


£15 could buy two pairs of leech-proof socks for a ranger patrolling tiger habitats
£30 could reach over 100 young people to teach them about the importance of conserving the biodiversity of the forests on their doorstep
£50 could provide food for an anti-poaching sniffer dog, capable of picking up a scent to track and apprehend poachers
£150 could buy a camera trap to record and monitor important tiger and wildlife data, used to create national management strategies to protect wild tigers






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