Adopt a Snow Leopard: Ariun

Our ambassador for the elusive snow leopard, Ariun symbolises the beautiful, nomadic spirit of these amazing mountain cats.

By adopting a snow leopard you will help fund vital research and community outreach programmes working to create a wider understanding of the species and supporting local people through compensation and commercial craft schemes. Together, we can save snow leopards.

Click here for more about our  work with snow leopards in Mongolia

Snow leopard enjoying the view in Mongolia, help us save snow leopards, adopt a snow leopard


In your adoption kit, you will receive:


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***Please note that we do not currently have any Ariun toys available.  They are in the process being designed and created by the lovely team at Little Ndaba, Zambia. We hope to have them very soon! If you would like to order an Ariun adoption with a toy, please select the ‘With Toy’ field below and we will ensure that your new toy is sent to you as soon as possible upon delivery. You can still order an Ariun adoption without a toy and it will be dispatched within 3 working days.***

Place your orders before 14th December to guarantee Christmas delivery in the UK. For international orders, please allow a minimum of two weeks for delivery. 

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