Adopt an Amur Tiger: Ussuri

Meet Ussuri, our ambassador for the Russian Amur Tiger.

She is named after the region in Primorsky Krai, Russia, where Amur Tigers can be found and where DSWF has been funding protection for Russia’s Amur Tiger since 1994!

Amur Tigers are rare and wonderous creatures, the largest of the five remaining tiger subspecies, but they are in desperate need of our continuing help.

Today there are an estimated 540 Amur Tigers in Russian Far East and your support, through adopting Ussuri, will help us protect this growing but still highly vulnerable population.

This special adoption now comes with the choice of adding a handmade Tiger toy to your pack. Each toy is individually and lovingly made by a women’s community group in Zambia that helps provide alternative incomes to those living close to wildlife. Adding the toy brings the pack cost to £47.00.

Click here for more information on our Amur Tiger Project in the Russian Far East.

Amur Tiger in snow DSWF


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