Richard Symonds

Richard has been a professional wildlife artist for over 27 years and has traveled the plains of Africa to the ice shelves of Antarctica in search of the precious wildlife he seeks to paint and draw in his expressive and accurate artworks. He is determined that almost all of the material he works on comes from his own trips and experiences from the field and enjoys the interactions and stories to tell from each personal encounter.

A passionate advocate for wildlife and conservation, Richard has helped donate well over £100,000 to conservation through the sale and auction of his collectable paintings and drawings to help protect and save the species that mean so much to him.

Richard has had a longstanding relationship with the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation spanning his entire career. He is delighted to be a Partner Wildlife Artist with the DSWF and continue the partnership supporting the vital work they do.

Buy artwork at: – To make sure your purchase supports DSWF please let the artist know that you have been referred by us. Thank you for purchasing art for conservation!

Richard Symonds - Partner Wildlife Artist