"Wildlife has always been the constant interest and passion in my life that has never wavered. It's a privilege to be given the opportunity to get involved with the DSWF where real differences to wildlife & communities are made. It's devastating to think that my children may never encounter some species we see today so I feel a duty to help where I can."

DSWF Painted Dog Ambassador - Alex Gregory MBE

Alex Gregory MBE, Five times world champion and two times Olympic gold medallist in Rowing is our Painted Dog Ambassador!

Painted dogs, also known as painted wolves and wild dogs, are one of Africa’s most endangered carnivores.  They once inhabited 39 countries in Africa, forming a population of 500,000. Today fewer than 6,500 African painted dogs survive.

DSWF funds anti-poaching and education programmes to help protect the painted dogs in Zimbabwe. By supporting the conservation and protection of painted dogs the local communities have made the connection that a healthy dog population means greater funding for education and medical and maternity clinics in their areas. This positive conservation connection between wildlife and the standard of living has lead to a sustainable local movement of community based protection.

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