"I am honoured to be the only female taking part on this mission helping to continue David's legacy of educating indigenous communities and protecting the beautiful wildlife found there. This mission hopes to bring about long-term change by empowering local communities to make more sustainable decisions when it comes to the treatment of animals. There are no short term solutions, and so we need as many people to get behind us so we can ensure the long term protection of the beautiful species found there."

DSWF Community Ambassador - Laura Wright

Laura Wright, is a Record Breaking Sporting Mezzo Soprano and a familiar face at worldwide sporting events, being an official anthem singer at RFU. She and her fiance, Rugby player Harry Rowland are our Community Ambassadors.

The majority of our projects have an education and community outreach program because we believe working with communities is crucial for their long term sustainability. Empowering local communities to participate in the conservation projects, helps increase their understanding of the importance of protecting native species.