"With the ongoing battle of poaching in Africa and Asia, I am excited and thrilled to pledge my full support to the projects and efforts of the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation. I believe that anti-poaching starts with education from grass roots level. We need to educate the younger generations in communities to find sustainable methods to manage our wildlife and support those rangers on the front line. "

DSWF Wildlife Ranger Ambassador - Jacques Rudolph

Jacques Rudolph, the South African Cricketer, is our Wildlife Ranger Ambassador!

We have been fighting environmental crime for over 30 years, supporting law enforcement activities across Africa and Asia to help prevent, identify and secure convictions for wildlife poachers and traffickers.

We support and equip rangers who fight on the frontline of conservation everyday, covering huge distances to ensure greater protection for endangered species.

Funding also helps education and outreach programmes that engage with local communities, working and living alongside these brave rangers, to help foster a deeper understanding about the protection and importance of their native wildlife.

If you would like to know more about Jacques’ passion for conservation and his support for DSWF, please call us on Tel: 01483 272323 or click here to find out more the rangers and law enforcement projects that we fund.