The David Shepherd Conservation Champion Award offers an opportunity to celebrate some of the ‘unsung heroes’ who work so tirelessly behind the scenes of the ground-based conservation partners that we fund.

What is the Conservation Champion Award?

The Conservation Champion Award was introduced by David Shepherd two years ago, as a way to honour David’s memory and to cement the incredible relationships that DSWF has with the ground-based conservation partners that we fund.

This has now become an annual award, and nominations are invited from all of our partners, aiming to shine a light on some of the most invaluable and hard-working members of the team, the unsung heroes whose efforts never go unnoticed, but sometimes go unrewarded. This team member could be your mechanic, your administrator, your carpenter or your field cook!

DSWF wants to celebrate the amazing people who help ensure that your projects run smoothly and effectively. Without these key workers, none of you could achieve the amazing work that you all do to protect endangered species – often in very hostile and challenging environments.

The award value

Should your nominee be the winner of the Award, your project will be granted the sum of £1,000 which must be used towards a project of your nominee’s choice within DSWF’s charitable aims:

  • The preservation and conservation of endangered species in the wild and their habitats; and
  • The advancement of the education of adults and children in the importance of the preservation and conservation of endangered species in the wild and of their habitats.

With thanks to our generous sponsor Helen Clifford
for supporting the 2019 Conservation Champion Award

How to nominate

All nominees for the award must be an employee for an organisation supported by DSWF – they can be full-time, part-time or temporary. Simply fill out the form below to nominate someone from your organisation. We will only keep this information in relation to the David Shepherd Conservation Champion Award.