Help us call for a total ban in the domestic trade of ivory and give elephants the greatest chance of survival.

Write to your Member of Parliament, to urge them to support as a matter of urgency, the closure of domestic ivory markets around the world, particularly within the EU and Japan.


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Dear (name of MP),

I am writing to you today, as my Member of Parliament, to urge you to support as a matter of urgency the closure of domestic ivory markets around the world, particularly within the EU and Japan.

I welcomed the news that the bill to ban ivory in the UK received royal assent last year. However, tens of thousands of African elephants continue to be slaughtered every year for their tusks. This slaughter is fuelled by demand for ivory by consumers in many countries, including Japan, but also shockingly in the EU.

Between 2007 and 2014, one elephant was killed every 15 minutes, every single day. 144,000 elephants were killed across Africa in just seven years. If poaching continues at current rates, elephants will be extinct in the wild within the decade.

Momentum is growing across the world to close domestic ivory markets and end the ivory trade due to the clear links legal European markets have with the illegal killing of elephants. Despite the pressure from several Member States including France and Luxembourg and tens of thousands of EU citizens, the European Commission still refuse to adopt stricter ivory trading rules.

In early July, EU environment ministers agreed on ivory trade rules on behalf of its 28 members in advance of the UN Conference on the Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) which takes place in Geneva in August. This is bad news for elephants. However, the EU position can change for the better on the ground at the Conference. I urge you therefore to contact our environment minister Michael Gove and call on him to support the closure of all domestic ivory markets to ensure the future survival of the African elephant.

Kind regards,