Neil and June Covey

Proud sponsors of the Overall Winner of Wildlife Artist of the Year

Barlow Robbins

Proud sponsors of the Second Place prize, Urban Wildlife and Earths Wild Beauty

"As a long standing partner of the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF), we are thrilled to support Wildlife Artist of the Year for another year. This fantastic event exposes the beauty and vulnerability of our world’s wildlife whilst also highlighting the importance of DSWF’s work across Africa and Asia. Barlow Robbins is proud to be involved." Ray Black, Partner & Chief Executive

Gary Hodges

Proud sponsor of Animal Behaviour

“I am so pleased to sponsor the Animal Behaviour category, having spent endless hours in far off places observing wildlife and seeing how they behave and interact with each other. How other artists interpret the category intrigues me and how they continue to push the boundaries of wildlife art. Everyone from top established artists to budding ones just starting out submit to this fantastic competition. I love wildlife and am intrigued how artistic eyes interpret the ways animals interact with each other, move and go about their daily lives in quite unique ways. They constantly push the boundaries of wildlife art. It is an exciting time being a judge and sponsor.”

Martin and Emma Leuw

Proud sponsors of Facing Extinction (previously Vanishing Fast)

“We’re delighted to be sponsoring the Facing Extinction category for Wildlife Artist of the Year this year. We’re always keen to work with David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, their work in fighting wildlife crime, protecting endangered species and engaging local communities makes a huge difference in preventing the extinction of these iconic creatures.”


Proud sponsors of Wings

"Silversurfers are proud to be supporting the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF) by sponsoring the 'Wings' category for their prestigious Wildlife Artist of the Year competition. The competition and exhibition showcases some of the best wildlife art from around the world and we are looking forward to seeing artist submissions featuring the extraordinary variety of winged wildlife. As a long term supporter of the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation we are delighted to be involved, helping to protect endangered wildlife across Asia and Africa."

Great Art

Proud sponsors of the People’s Choice Award

The Artist magazine

Proud providers of The Artist Award

“We are delighted to return for another year to support the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation’s international and acclaimed ‘Wildlife Artist of the Year’ competition. The Artist magazine aims to support and showcase a wide range of committed artists, and is always amazed by the incredible work exhibited at this exhibition, making every year that much harder to select a winner for the The Artist Award’.”

Indus Experiences

Proud sponsors of Human Impact

“We are very excited to be partnering with DSWF in sponsoring the ‘Human Impact’ category, helping to raise awareness and the vital funds needed to safeguard the future for wildlife in their natural habitat”.

Paul Traub Associates

Proud sponsors of Into the Blue

"Paul Traub Associates is delighted to be supporting David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation by sponsoring the Wildlife Artist of the Year prize for the ‘Into the Blue’ category. We look forward to seeing the selection of amazing artworks that are shortlisted in this category, demonstrating the magical world of water and the precious creatures that live within it. We are extremely proud that our support will help DSWF continue their vital work protecting endangered species."