Adopt a Tiger

With only 3,800 tigers remaining in the wild, global tiger populations have plummeted by an alarming 96%. 

Adopt a tiger today, and help David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF) as we:

  • Fight for a total ban in all tiger parts and derivatives as well as the closure of captive tiger breeding facilities.
  • Protect key tiger habitats across Russia, India and Thailand by supporting wildlife rangers.
  • Engage local communities living with tigers through innovative art competitions and children’s education programmes.

What’s included?

  • An adoption folder containing personalised certificate, species fact sheet, animal bio sheet and photo.
  • Wildlife Matters supporter magazine.
  • A beautiful tiger sketch print by wildlife artist Emily Lamb.
  • Optional unique hand knitted tiger toy made by Little Ndaba a women’s community group in Zambia.

Adopt a tiger now

If you would like to adopt a tiger, you can choose a regular monthly payment or a one off payment. Both offer differing pack options such as a physical pack by post (with or without a toy) to a UK address or a digital pack via email (does not include sketch or toy) . Alternatively, if you have an existing DSWF adoption, you can renew this via a monthly payment or a one off payment.

How your adoption could help tigers

  • Just £3 per month (or £36 per year) could help local community engagement and raise awareness of tigers to achieve effective human wildlife co-existence
  • Only £5 per month (or £47 per year) could empower rangers with the skills they need to track and protect vulnerable tiger populations across India and Thailand
  • With £10 per month (or £60 per year) undercover investigations into the illegal wildlife trade could be funded bringing tiger trafficking syndicates to justice

Why your adoption is so important

Our late founder, wildlife artist and conservationist, David Shepherd CBE said: “You can never build another tiger, but you always build another Taj Mahal.” In less than a century, wild tigers have lost 93% of their historical range. There are now more tigers in captivity than there are in the wild. For such a powerful apex predator, it is a tragic to think that we must now differentiate between wild and commercial captive tigers.

DSWF is fighting tooth and claw from grassroot level to the world-stage to protect this iconic big cat from causes that are driving it to extinction. In addition to our policy work, your adoption supports DSWF’s vital tiger conservation work protecting Amur, Bengal and Indochinese tigers in their home countries. You can ensure tigers have a brighter future by taking out a tiger adoption today.

Meet our Tiger species ambassador, Ussuri

Image of our tiger species ambassador, Ussuri.

Ussuri is a female Amur tiger, the heaviest of the six surviving tiger subspecies. Globally, the Amur tiger clocks in as the largest of all the big cats. Ussuri, along with other Amur tigers, lives in the frigid Birchwood forests of the Russian Far East. Like all Amur tigers, her thick coat means she is well adapted to life in the snow and can survive in freezing cold temperatures.

Ussuri gets her names from the Ussuri River, which flows along the Sino-Russian border – the last stronghold habitat for Amur tigers. There are circa 450 Amur tigers alive in the wild today, with 95% of their population persisting in eastern Russia.

Thanks to your generous support, DSWF is working closely with our dedicated ground-based conservation partners in Russia to protect the world’s remaining Amur tigers. By taking a tiger adoption with DSWF you are ensuring rangers receive professional training, and essential equipment, such as snowmobiles, radios, fuel, and rations used in patrols to keep Amur tigers, like Ussuri, safe.

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