Adopt a Lion

In just 20 years African lion populations have fallen by 43% and as few as 20,000 remain in the wild today.

Adopt a lion today, and help David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF) as we:

  • Fight, by equipping and training rangers and funding vital anti-poaching initiatives.
  • Protect key lion habitats by removing life threatening poaching snares and traps for bushmeat.
  • Engage at-risk communities who share their homes with wildlife and reduce human-wildlife conflict.

What’s included?

  • An adoption folder containing personalised certificate, species fact sheet, animal bio sheet and photo.
  • Wildlife Matters supporter magazine.
  • A beautiful lion sketch print by wildlife artist by David Shepherd CBE.
  • Optional unique hand knitted lion toy made by Little Ndaba a women’s community group in Zambia.

Adopt a lion now

If you would like to adopt a lion, you can choose a regular monthly payment or a one off payment. Both offer differing pack options such as a physical pack by post (with or without a toy) to a UK address or a digital pack via email (does not include sketch or toy) . Alternatively, if you have an existing DSWF adoption, you can renew this via a monthly payment or a one off payment.

How your adoption could help lions

  • Just £3 per month (or £36 per year) could enable wildlife ranger training and welfare programmes that support the brave men and women protecting lions in Uganda.
  • For only £5 per month (or £47 per year) rangers in Uganda could be provided with effective communications equipment to improve the efficiency of their patrols and response times to lion threats.
  • With £10 per month (or £60 per year) undercover investigations can be undertaken into the illegal trade of big cat parts and consumption in Asia.

Why your adoption is so important

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF) is supporting a programme to investigate and protect lion populations in two of Uganda’s key wildlife areas. This project aims to determine the size and range of Uganda’s lion population and evaluate the threats to them. A number of lions are being collared and assessed by vets as part of this work.  We also fund anti-snare operations. DSWF has been funding conservation in Uganda since 1998 supporting the work of the Uganda Conservation Foundation.

Meet our Lion species ambassador, Tibu

Tibu is a young male lion living in Uganda. He has recently left his family pride, as young males naturally do, to venture out and find a pride of their own. These young males often form bachelor groups who stick together whilst they search for a territory and a pride they can take over.

Tibu has formed a coalition with young males Jacob and Taro and together they are on the search for territory and a pride.

Thanks to a recently fitted satellite collar, our ground-based conservation partners are able to track, protect and monitor Tibu and provide us with updates on his adventures.

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